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In The Desert

18 February 1976
I've been a Christian since 2002. I was baptized into the Orthodox Church in 2005 at Pascha (Holy Saturday). M'name's Stefanie Moisseia (Moisseia being my baptismal name.) I was attending Holy Trinity Church in Santa Fe, NM up til recently...and studying Fine Arts at the local community college...but I decided I wanted to take some time off and visit monasteries, which seems to be opening up for me. Northridge, CA is kinda my home base as I do so.

A little background: I grew up in a Jewish family. I was Wiccan and definitely on the magickal side of things before I came to Christ. I feel special when the Church sings about "Thy people Israel."

I lived in New Orleans for a few years before I moved to Santa Fe. That is where Jesus found me. I was a Tarot reader there also. I write/obsess a lot about the place!

I talk sometimes about abortion. I was once pro-choice; now I am extremely pro-life because of my own experience. Even though it makes me uncomfortable, I feel I must talk about these things sometimes.

I hate to use terms to explain people, but sometimes they can be helpful.

Huntington's disease is a part of my family. Unless you are on my friends list, you'll miss most of those posts.

I'm willing to talk with anyone.

Forgive me. I'm apologizing ahead of time for any harm done.